Carbon COVID-19 Response

Nasopharyngeal Swabs

To help increase COVID-19 testing capacity, Resolution Medical, an FDA registered, in vitro diagnostic and medical device manufacturer, has launched The Resolution Medical Lattice Swab, Crafted with Carbon™ Technology.

The new Resolution Medical Lattice Swab exhibits a conformal lattice design made with Carbon’s Lattice Engine software. The hollow structure of the lattice was designed initially for specimen collection efficiency, with a geometry that is also flexible to promote functionality and comfort for patients.

Face Shields

Carbon has collaborated with healthcare partners to design a PPE face shield optimized for DLS™ technology that can be easily produced and assembled quickly. If you are in need in face shields, please contact one of our Production Partners in your area.

Find A Face Shield Producer In Your Area


To quickly scale up production of these face shields around the globe, Carbon is making these designs & production instructions open-source to the public so that other additive manufacturers around the world can help produce face shields for their local areas.

To produce these face shields with DLS™ technology, you will need the following equipment:
  • Carbon M2 or L1 printer (These files will not fit on M1 and M2d printers)
  • IPA or a Smart Part Washer™ with VF 1 solvent
  • UV curing box (needs be at least 190 mm by 108 mm size to fit the bracket) such as:
    • APM LED UV-Cube II
    • Dymax ECE 5000
    • Opticure LED Cube
    • Dreve PCU 90

At the moment, face shields can be produced using our DPR 10 (preferred) and UMA 90 materials.
To order materials, please email

Please read these detailed assembly and care instructions

Carbon customers can access the Face Shield .Carbon design files, as well as print and post-process instructions, in the Carbon Academy. Our software team has scripted these files to cut the print time in half (16-18 minutes vs 35 minutes), which will greatly change throughput and cost to produce.

Note that .Carbon files are only suitable on Carbon printers.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare workers around the world are facing an acute shortage of critical medical safety and testing equipment. Carbon is responding rapidly with government leaders and its global Carbon network of customers and partners to help meet this unprecedented demand, specifically by designing, validating, and producing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) face shields and patient sampling swabs. Carbon will be updating this page regularly as new information becomes available.

Please read the Carbon Disclaimer. (PDF)

Lattice Engine Software

Carbon lattice samples in the shape of C

Carbon engineers using Carbon’s Lattice Engine software have played a key role in the design of face shields and test swabs. 3D printed lattice structures can dramatically reduce material usage, speed print times, and improve comfort and performance for both patients and healthcare workers.

Carbon is making our team of lattice design experts with this software available to the COVID-19 response community. If you would like to explore how your COVID-19 project could be improved with the addition of a lattice structure, please send your design request to and include your or STL or STEP design file with a brief description of your project and desired characteristics.

Given the current crisis, designs produced with Carbon’s Lattice Engine will not be specifically restricted to Carbon DLS™ printing technology and may be designed for printing on any platform in any material. In order to manage resources available during this crisis, we may need to prioritize applications. All requests are subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this document.

Other Application Needs

This crisis—its scale and its severity—has taken us and the world by surprise. If anyone needs free help designing, engineering, or producing polymeric parts that will be useful in helping address needs during this crisis, please email us. Carbon is committed to helping out in every way we can to combat this pandemic.