The Foundation of Great Applications

DLS™ enables new elastomeric and rigid applications through high-quality materials and production scale available only with DLS.

  • Quality and Scale of Injection Molding

    With Carbon’s dual-cure programmable resins, products can be manufactured in the broadest array of forms, with isotropic mechanical properties, high resolution, and excellent surface finish. Applications are ready for production at scale, with rapid print times, repeatability, and competitive yield at volume to earn their place on a bill of materials.

  • Speed and Flexibility of 3D Printing

    Design faster, with richer tools and feedback, thanks to a rapid development process. Tooling is never locked, so components can be refined throughout production.

Controlled Compression

Carbon’s elastomeric lattices are ideal for applications demanding precise control of compression. These applications emulate springs, either dampening a force or returning energy that has been applied to it.

  • Variable Density and Stiffness

    Lattices can be produced with unique functional zones, each one having unique density and stiffness.

  • Static or Dynamic Response

    Lattice structures and materials can be tuned to absorb an impact or return applied energy.

Routing Applications

The design freedom and varied properties of DLS make Carbon tools suitable for producing tortuous paths for fluids, wiring, cables, or other tubing.

  • Fluid Routing

    The design freedom and accuracy of DLS combined with highly chemical-resistant materials create new opportunities for precise delivery of liquids through the path of your choice.

  • Connectors

    Carbon’s resilient, rigid materials deliver highly-functional pairs of connectors for running/connecting cables or tubing.

Product Applications

Lattice Midsole

Wilson Tools’ Oil Reservoir

T2 connector

Ebullient Cooling Module

Application Development

Carbon offers training and resources for customers to learn best practices in developing their own applications, as well as ongoing applications engineering support. Carbon is glad to assist in designing and engineering products upon request.

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Six Steps to Production

Carbon’s elastomeric lattices are ideal for applications demanding precise control of compression.

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