Next Generation Manufacturing: Designing with Lattice to Make the Unmakeable

On demand (Originally aired on May 25, 2022)

In this discussion, Jim Sauerbaum, Business Development Director at Carbon and Michael Schmid, Founder and CEO of inStryde, will talk about the challenges that creators face when developing new products with more traditional technologies and how new solutions and software tools available in the Additive Manufacturing industry are mitigating these challenges.

Together, Michael and Jim will look at how inStryde is producing custom foot orthotics designed specifically for the individual’s unique needs. Utilizing new sophisticated design tools simplifies the process of creating performance-oriented lattices and can work in conjunction with any 3D printing process to save design engineers significant time and effort. They will highlight how inStryde engineers are able to run complex computations in the cloud, and how software allows them to experience extremely fast design cycles, rapidly refine lattices in minutes, and use most 3D printers to manufacture them immediately.