Mobilizing Vital Production

Using Carbon’s Design Engine software, Shawn and the team rapidly designed produced nasopharyngeal testing swabs in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic when healthcare providers needed them most.

Group of printed swabs

Meeting Critical Demand Quickly

With suppliers dependent on traditional manufacturing methods struggling to keep up with the demand for critical testing swabs for COVID-19, Shawn and the team at Resolution Medical leveraged the Carbon Platform to rapidly produce a new nasopharyngeal testing swab— the Resolution Medical Swab. Designed using Carbon’s Design Engine software to promote functionality and patient, comfort, the Lattice Swab went from concept to a marketed medical device in less than three weeks. An FDA registered, in vitro diagnostic and medical device manufacturer, Resolution Medical now produces the Lattice Swabs through Carbon’s network of dental labs using Carbon’s high-throughput M2 printer and KeyStone Industries® KeySplint Soft™ Clear material.

”We have worked together urgently to get this product into the hands of healthcare workers to help address immediate needs for increased COVID-19 testing. At scale, we plan to supply over one million swabs per week.”

Shawn Patterson Founder and President, Resolution Medical

Ask An Additive Expert

In this episode, Carbon explores how 3D printing adds value in the design cycle through accelerated product development, functional prototyping, and predictable, consistent production.

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