Carbon Platform Improvements: October 2022

Carbon is the idea-to-production platform, helping you at every stage of digital product development and manufacturing. We are excited to share some of our latest innovations now available to you.

Improved Efficiency

Software Release v.1.37

Our latest printer software release, v.1.37, improves build prep efficiency and print success rates through the following:

Support Improvements

You can now use editable parameters to customize the bar and fence supports within patches (including boundary fences). Editable support parameters give you more control over your applications: you may be able to simplify post-processing by selecting smaller support tips, or provide greater stability without increasing attachment points by using thicker bars or fences.

Additionally, patch selection functionality now grants users more control over the size and shape of patches. Previous software versions used the overhang angle as the only edge constraint for patches, which could result in overlapping patches and unintended double-density supports. This update disallows overlapping patches, granting users improved control over patch definition using existing patches as edge constraints for new patches.

Faster and More Robust Slicing

To provide additional clarity and extensibility, Carbon’s two slicing options have been renamed. The option formerly known as the “Default Slicer” is now “Gen1 Slicer.” The option formerly known as the “Poisson Slicer” is now “Gen2 Slicer.” The Gen2 Slicer provides better performance for parts with holes (including lattices). It can also often handle parts with unrepaired defects in the input mesh.

With this release, the Gen2 Slicer has been improved to more capably handle parts with overlapping surfaces and to process more quickly in most cases, making it a more attractive option for many applications.

Improvements to Print Plan Adjustments (Advanced Controls)

The print plan analysis is now optional when accessing Advanced Controls. This allows for a faster, smoother experience for users who already know they want to make adjustments. Additionally, a clipping plane tool for visualization has been added to the interface so that users can quickly and easily determine which slices need to be adjusted for a given project.

Advanced Controls interface with the option to run a print plan analysis (red arrow).
Advanced Controls interface with integrated clipping plane (red arrow).

User Experience Improvements for M3 Printers

To ensure a smoother user experience, we have improved print consistency on the M3 printer and reduced unnecessary alerts. We have also reduced incidences of flashing from over-adhesion (a thin halo of excess cured resin) around the base of thick-walled parts printed on M3 printers.

Improvements for Viewing Parts in Design Engine Pro

New Zoom Behavior

We have a new way for you to use the camera to explore your designs. If you’d like for the camera to zoom to your cursor, you can toggle on this new behavior using the “-” minus key. For now, you’ll need to toggle this behavior on or off by design. We’d love your feedback on this new zoom behavior.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Camera

We made it easier to move your camera to set locations for quick review of your designs. You can now use keyboard shortcuts to access the pre-set camera locations.

Keyboard shortcuts for camera.

Better Part Quality

Improved Accuracy for DPR 10 Prints

As part of an ongoing effort to provide industry-leading capabilities and quality for dental models, v.1.37 improves both the accuracy and consistency of DPR 10 parts printed across different printers. You can use these improved settings right away upon installing this update or opt to transition to them over time. These changes do not impact L1 printers configured for aligner manufacturers.

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Software Release Notes

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