Carbon Platform Improvements: March 2024

Carbon, the idea-to-production platform, is helping you at every stage of digital product development and manufacturing. We are excited to share new innovations now available to you.

Expanded Range of Functional Materials

Enhancing EPX Resin Performance Using Inert Baking

Using an inert (low-oxygen) environment during the thermal cure for EPX 150, EPX 86FR, and EPX 82 helps boost the impact strength and toughness of some of our strongest resins by up to 2X (100% improvement), which provides an unmatched combination of toughness, stiffness, and thermal resistance for these materials. In addition, for EPU 46, inert baking enables brighter colors post bake. Read more and find the data from Carbon’s inert bake testing in the white paper here.

Carbon recommends the Yuanyao Inert Oven model YNO-225 for this use. More details on installation, usage, maintenance, and specifications are available in the “Inert Baking” course on Carbon Academy. Refer to each material’s TDS for inert-baked mechanical properties.

Improved Efficiency

Automatic Operation (AO) Suite

The AO Suite is designed to allow dental labs to do more with less. Tedious repetitive tasks like print preparation, print turnover, manual resin refill for each print, and some end-use part manual polishing, all can be done automatically, reducing waste of skilled labor.

Elements of the AO Suite include:

  • Automatic Print Prep: Seamlessly handles all steps in print preparation, from uploading parts to final job queueing.
  • AO Backpack: Automate part removal and initiate the next print cycle seamlessly, enabling nonstop printing, including auto resin refill, without operator interaction between every print. This solution can run in both automatic and manual modes, bringing improvements while the lab is staffed, and without staff present. (Note: Carbon is currently taking orders for AO Backpack, but it will not ship until later in the year.)
  • AO Polishing Cassette: Carbon’s new polishing cassette uses advanced light scattering technology to smooth the entire surface of parts as they are printed, including areas not possible to manually polish. The cassette initially is available for splint and nightguard production with the opportunity for more applications in the future.
AO Backpack

Incorporate these advancements into your lab’s workflow for significant time savings, reduced labor costs, and a boost in overall productivity for your lab.

New Carbon Design Engine™ Features

Replace Mesh

Any Input Mesh can now be replaced with an alternate mesh using the Replace Mesh feature. Replace Mesh will swap out the mesh in all operations in which that mesh is selected. This can be useful if you need to swap in an updated version of a file without redoing Operations work, or if you wish to duplicate a previous project to reuse a list of Operations on a different model file.


Large, complex meshes (typically >50 MB and/or >1,000,000 triangles) can be challenging to work with due to long processing times. Decimating a mesh reduces the number of vertices and triangles to simplify mesh geometry.

Consider decimating a mesh whenever your file is >50 MB, has >1,000,000 triangles, or when you know that your model contains more triangles than is necessary to accurately represent the desired geometry. Experiencing lagging or slow processing might also be an indication that decimation could be helpful.

Following is an example of how decimation can impact model geometry. The optimal level of decimation for a model will depend on your use case.

Undecimated mesh
50% decimated mesh
Decimated to 50% (50% of triangles and vertices retained)
1% decimated mesh
Decimated to 1% (1% of triangles and vertices retained)

Decimate has been released as Beta functionality at this time; please submit any feedback to

Import STEP Files

STEP files can now be uploaded to Design Projects. The entire assembly will be converted to a single triangle mesh. Note that meshes cannot be downloaded in STEP format (STL, PLY, and OBJ are the available download format options).

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