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SIL 30

Soft, biocompatible, and tear resistant

Soft touch, biocompatible, and tear resistant

SIL 30 is a silicone urethane. It is the first additive material to offer a unique combination of biocompatibility, low durometer, and tear-resistance.

This material opens up the ability to print customized applications for comfortable skin contact products such as headphones, wristbands, and various attachments for wearables.

SIL is a specialty material available for specific production applications.


Durometer (Shore A Hardness)

10 kN/m

57 lbf/in

Tear Strength

350 %

Elongation At Break

20 %

Bayshore Resilience

10 °C

50 °F

Glass Transition Temperature

SIL30 Stress and Strain Graph

Example Applications

These applications combine a need for softness, biocompatibility, and tear resistance, in addition to isotropy, great surface finish, and accuracy.

3D Printed Parts in Production


myFit Solutions EarBuds Tips

Personalized adapters for ear buds, made with SIL 30

Enabling Cost-Effective Customization At Scale With Digital Manufacturing