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RPU 130

Strong, tough, and highly heat resistant

Strong, very tough, and highly heat resistant

RPU 130 is strong, tough, and heat resistant with an impact resistance of 76 J/m and heat deflection temperature of 119 °C. RPU 130 is composed of 30% Susterra® propanediol, a bio-based material that combines performance and sustainability. RPU 130’s unique combination of performance attributes makes it comparable to an unfilled thermoplastic like nylon and polypropylene.

35 MPa

5 ksi

Ultimate Tensile Strength

900 MPa

130 ksi

Tensile Modulus

100 %

Elongation At Break

75 J/m

1.4 ft-lb/in

Impact Strength (Notched)

120 °C

250 °F

Heat Deflection Temperature

RPU 130 Stress and Strain Graph

High Temperature Stability

RPU 130 has exceptional thermal stability at elevated temperatures over hundreds of hours.

Environmental Cycling Stability

RPU 130 has high environmental stability, as it passes PV1200, a standard test for temperature and humidity cycling.

Environmentally Sustainable

30% of RPU 130 is made from Susterra® propanediol, a 100% bio-based polymer building block.

Experience RPU 130

Test RPU 130’s toughness yourself.


Our engineering materials sample kit includes EPU 41, EPX 82, RPU 70, and RPU 130.

Lattice Puck and Tensile Bars


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Example Applications

These applications combine a need for strength, toughness, and high heat resistance, in addition to isotropy, great surface finish, and accuracy.

Push-in Rivets

Push-in Rivets

Push-in rivets require strength, impact resistance, and dimensional stability at elevated temperatures.



Sunglasses require strength, toughness, and a great surface finish.



Many housings demand strength, high impact resistance, and dimensional stability at elevated temperatures with a great surface finish.

RPU 130:

Tough on Impact

3D Printed Parts in Production

Pipe Holder Fastener

ARaymond Automotive Part

A pipe holder fastener produced with RPU 130 material.

RPU 130

Ask an Additive Expert

Hear from Karen, a Materials Program Manager at Carbon, about RPU 130’s unique mechanical properties.