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EPU 40

Highly elastic, tear resistant, and energy damping

Highly elastic, tear resistant, and resilient

EPU 40 offers a combination of tear strength, energy return, and elongation making it perfect for impact absorption, vibration isolation, gaskets, and seals. It is a good choice for applications where high elasticity and tear resistance are needed. It is comparable to commercial TPUs with a Shore A hardness of 70.

EPU 40

Carbon, Inc.
  • Durometer (Shore A Hardness)

  • Glass Transition Temperature

    10 °C 50 °F
  • Elongation At Break

    300 %
  • Tear Strength

    20 kN/m 114.2 lbf/in
  • Bayshore Resilience

    17 %

Comparable Thermoplastics

Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomers (TPU)


EPU 40 exhibits low mass gain with many common household chemicals and industrial fluids.


EPU 40’s high glass transition temperature and high damping coefficient allow for better damping over a broad temperature window.


EPU 40 has passed requirements for biocompatibility according to ISO 10993-5 and -10.

Example Applications

These applications combine a need for high elasticity, tear resistance, and energy damping, in addition to isotropy, great surface finish, and accuracy.

EPU 40 cellphone case with latticed corners

Phone Cases

Phone Cases

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3D Printed Parts in Production

Bastian Football.jpg

Bastian Solutions Robot Gripper

Improving on-demand fulfillment with autonomous handling robots with a gripping finger able to pick up different weighted products, made with EPU 40.

Ask an Additive Expert

Imran, a Senior Applications Engineer, breaks down EPU 40’s unique mechanical properties.