Crafted with Carbon DLS

CCM Super Tacks X with NEST Tech

The Super Tacks X with NEST Tech is the next evolution in hockey helmet tech, designed for critical protection and peak performance.

Learn how Carbon DLS and latticing empowers the production of breakthrough products at breakneck speeds.

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Innovation Made Possible
with Carbon DLS™

Critical Protection


The NEST Tech lattice is made up of over 130,000 individual struts. Each strut is specially tuned at every point on the helmet, allowing the lattice to absorb and safely disperse energy from various impacts.

This lattice structure enables fine control over energy absorption and dissipation by aligning internal damping struts against the directions of impact that hockey players experience during play.

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Perfect Fit


The open lattice architecture allows air to flow throughout the helmet, keeping your head cool from buzzer to buzzer.

A customized, computer-generated texture ensures enhanced comfort and a precision fit where the helmet meets the player’s head.

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Peak Performance


Carbon’s advanced Design Engine™ software automatically generates a highly optimized lattice structure based on desired performance criteria and weight. Plug and play.

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Crafted with Carbon DLS™

Crafted with the Carbon DLS™ 3D printing process, the Super Tacks X with NEST Tech is the world’s first 3D printed hockey helmet interior, replacing traditional, generic foam padding with the NEST Tech lattice for increased breathability, premium comfort, and elite protection.

Increase Mechanical Potential with Latticing and Carbon DLS™


Why Lattice?

Hear from the lattice expert himself, Hardik Kabaria, on why you should consider a lattice-drive design approach for your next project.


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Carbon DLS™ 3D Printing Process

Learn how the Carbon DLS™ 3D printing process works.

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Carbon Design Engine Software

Design better products with best-in-class materials and impossible geometries.

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Best-in-Class Materials

Un-matched in performance, Carbon’s materials are in a league of their own.

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