2X Throughput Of Dental Models On Any M2 With The New Carbon C6 Cassette


Carbon’s latest breakthrough can increase throughput up to 2X for full-service labs building dental models. The C6 Cassette is the new high speed option for M2 printers. When printing dental models with DPR 10, models and dies can print up to two times faster than a standard cassette, allowing them to nearly double the model output of their M2 printer. Byrnes Dental Lab was one of the first to try this new product from Carbon. Hear their experience with this product and the business value of choosing the Carbon Platform with products that improve over time.

”Our Carbon printers were so successful it wasn’t long before the pair were at saturation. The C6 Cassettes allowed us to nearly double our capacity, yet maintain the incredible quality prints the M2 delivers…a great example of Carbon working with us to improve our business through innovation over just getting us to sign up for another printer.”
Ashley Byrne, Managing Director, Byrnes Dental Laboratory


Byrnes Dental Lab has tested and validated the C6 Cassette through a comparison study of the standard cassette versus the high speed C6 Cassette (Figure 1). The print analysis showed the standard print time of just over two hours and the print time with the new C6 Cassette of just under one hour. The side-by-side print videos show that is an accurate prediction of both, with the build on the C6 Cassette finishing in 1 hour and 12 minutes, and the standard print finishing in 1 hour 59 minutes.

Figure 1: Byrnes Dental Lab comparison study of standard cassette versus C6 Cassette.

Half the time, doubled the output, same quality.


Plan for success with the Carbon Platform that can grow with your case volume. The C6 Cassette is a drop-in replacement to existing M2 printers, dramatically improving the throughput in the same amount of space. For comparison, see the sample case volume of a traditional M2 printer with the standard cassette versus a C6 Cassette (Figure 2). Byrnes Dental Lab’s numbers validate roughly 68% more output in real lab use.

Figure 2: Sample case volume of traditional M2 printer with a standard cassette versus a high speed C6 Cassette.
*Note: One unit of output is Full Tall Palate Model + 10 Dies. Calculations are based on Byrnes Dental Lab’s print times + output and a 40 hour work week schedule excluding holidays.


”The near twice as fast C6 Cassettes allowed us to keep up with our growing demand without the need to invest in more printers. Carbon really does seamlessly scale alongside our growing production needs and puts those needs ahead of their printer sales.”
Ashley Byrne, Managing Director, Byrnes Dental Laboratory

If you expect your model and die production needs to increase and want a production solution that can grow with them, contact us at sales@carbon3d.com to learn more about getting started with the Carbon Platform and how the C6 Cassette helps you get more out of your existing printers.