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UMA 90

Simple, colorful, and quick to print

Simple, colorful, and quick to print

UMA 90 is a one-part rigid resin similar to conventional SLA resins. It is available in white, black, grey, cyan, yellow, and magenta colors that may be mixed freely to your specification before printing.

As a one-part resin, UMA 90 it can be printed quickly and cheaply to prove out designs or to make production parts for applications with less-demanding requirements. It is well suited for producing manufacturing jigs, fixtures, and general purpose prototypes.

UMA 90 bottles in cyan, yellow, and magenta

30 MPa

4.4 ksi

Ultimate Tensile Strength

1400 MPa

200 ksi

Tensile Modulus

30 %

Elongation At Break

30 J/m

0.6 ft-lb/in

Impact Strength (Notched)

45 °C

113 °F

Heat Deflection Temperature

UMA90 Stress and Strain Graph

Example Applications

These applications combine a need for simple, quick printing and basic mechanical strength.