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How-To Guide: 5 Steps of Denture Production

Get our free best practices guide about digitally producing dentures using an easy step-by-step process.

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FDA Primer for Additive Manufacturing

Carbon's Dr. Steve Pollack discusses current FDA regulatory requirements for dental devices in 3D Printing.

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3 Critical Phases of Digital Denture Production

Hear Industry thought leaders Rob Laizure and Alex Wünsche provide new insights on digital denture production.

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New L1 Production Solution for Clear Aligner Models

Best Workflow Completing One Patient Each Cycle

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Only Carbon enables you to accelerate your production and revenue growth with the full range of high quality digital dentistry products.

  • Applications:  Dentures, splints, trays, models, gingiva masks, and surgical guides
  • Accuracy: Prints typically within +/- 50 um
  • Reliability: Little to no downtime; no redundancy needed
  • Over-the-air software updates: Drive performance and innovation
  • Validated Workflows: Open and compatible with any STL file
  • Complete lab lineup: M-series printers, Smart Part Washer, L1 Production Solution for Clear Aligner Models and best-in-class dental materials

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