Software is Driving Product Innovation

Digital manufacturing makes it possible to create better products and make the unmakable. With state of the art software you can design and leverage data to control every stage of manufacturing, from ideation and prototyping to large-scale production.

A New Platform for a New Era

  • Modern Platform
    Carbon software is built with security, scale, and reliability using modern web standards. There is no legacy code to support, and it is in continuous development with new capabilities and improvements being added all the time.
  • Designed for Connectivity
    Carbon hardware is designed to fully leverage connectivity. Every interaction can be logged, tracked, and reviewed. Every part can be updated, and operational information can be used to predict maintenance cycles and streamline troubleshooting.
  • Use Familiar Tools
    Carbon projects support STL files. Customers can use the same CAD tools they’re familiar with to generate their designs.
  • Designed for Simplicity
    Carbon tools are easy to use, so an operator of any skill level can quickly master how to operate the machine.

Simple to Design and Produce

Carbon builds tools that make it easier for designers, operators, and manufacturers to fully utilize the power of digital manufacturing.


Carbon design tools help product designers build unprecedented parts and projects with ease, thanks to the Carbon Lattice Engine and the power of the Carbon Manufacturing Cloud.

Project Automation

Carbon project tools automate the more mundane elements of configuring a print project, so an operator of any skill level can reliably print successfully with our tools.

  • Auto Layout
    Auto layout saves time when preparing builds with many parts.
  • Advanced Auto Supports
    Advanced auto supports save build planners time by offering an FEA-backed, reliable way to support parts during printing.

Manufacture at Scale

Because every device is connected, Carbon’s entire workflow can be logged, monitored, and reviewed through tools and dashboards to offer deep insights into fleet performance and utilization.

  • Fleet Management Dashboard
    Review production data and manage a fleet of devices in real time from one dashboard. Queue new projects seamlessly.
  • Part Traceability
    Preserve a part’s entire history—from CAD file, to design, to print—in one digital record. Streamline quality assurance with embedded unique part identifiers to quickly review a part’s history.

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