Large Scale 3D Printing For Mass Production

There are several ways 3D printing can speed up the process of getting products to market. Whether it be with the seamless creation of prototypes, or the full-scale manufacturing of end-user products, 3D printing alleviates key pain points in the supply chain.

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3D Printing In Mass Production Explained

Different Types of Additive Manufacturing

With so many types of additive manufacturing, a.k.a. 3D printing, on the market today, businesses have a plethora of options for streamlining mass production.

More often than not, the type of component you need to make will dictate your choice of 3D printing technology. For example, Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) is a great choice for low-volume prototypes, while Stereolithography (SLA) is a better option for end-use parts.

Rapid Prototyping to Accelerate Production Processes

Rapid prototyping greatly accelerates mass manufacturing, making it an extremely popular use for 3D printers.

While functional prototypes are critical during the early design phases of new parts, it can take a very long time to outsource prototype manufacturing. With in-house rapid prototyping, engineers can quickly produce physical models to inspect for functionality and design flaws.

Allows for High Volume of Products

Because additive manufacturing technologies like Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) have progressed so much in the last few years, they can now be used to mass-produce high-quality, end-user products. In fact, the Carbon Digital Light Synthesis process was used to print soles for over 100,000 pairs of Adidas shoes in a single year.

Where 3D Printing is Winning in High-Volume Production

Faster Production Processes

Once you have established a working prototype, there are several ways that additive manufacturing can increase your manufacturing volume:

  • Flexibility in production
  • High customization
  • Increased affordability
  • Rapid tooling

Whether it be printing forms to be used for injection molding or printing custom soles for sneakers, additive manufacturing gets your products to market quicker.

Adaptive to New Technologies

Because 3D printing is extremely customizable, it is also extremely adaptive to new technologies. From manufacturing novel components to integrating software with artificial intelligence (AI), the sky is the limit for 3D printing processes.

High Volume with High Quality

Until recently, 3D printing hasn’t been applicable for mass production.

Traditionally, additive manufacturing processes like FFF printing haven’t been able to produce parts of high enough quality for end-user products. This is where more sophisticated processes, like DLS, come in to reshape mass production as a whole.

As the 3D printing landscape continues to evolve, novel technologies create new opportunities for high-volume production.

The Benefits of 3D Printing For Mass Production with Carbon

From first-rate manufacturing techniques to top-quality composites, Carbon is the top 3D printing company in the industry.

High-speed Manufacturing Process

Carbon has developed a full suite of technologies, materials, and processes to streamline the manufacturing process:

By working within the carbon network, you have all the tools needed to incorporate additive manufacturing into your business model.

Superior 3D Printing Technology

Carbon DLS technology utilizes photopolymer resins and UV light to print extremely complex geometries and shapes. With Carbon DLS, UV images are cast into a photopolymer, where they then harden into printed parts.

Carbon has a variety of DLS 3D printers available that produce components with unmatched performance, high resolution, and exceptional surface quality.

High-Quality End Products on Any Budget

Because Carbon hardware, software, and services are built with scalability in mind, we are able to offer cutting-edge 3D printing at affordable prices.

Carbon has developed different product offerings to ensure that no matter what your budget, you have access to the world’s top 3D printing technology:

If you aren’t exactly sure about your 3D printing needs, start by outsourcing parts from a Carbon Production Partner.

Rapid Prototype Functional Parts

Carbon 3D printers are capable of producing both rapid prototypes and functional parts. No matter what your additive manufacturing needs, Carbon will ensure you produce a greater number of parts in a shorter time.

On-demand Support Whenever You Need It

As part of the Carbon subscription model, we take care of routine maintenance, software upgrades, and system troubleshooting. Even better, if you have questions about operating a Carbon 3D printer, we provide real-time customer support.

Industry Leaders Trust Carbon With Their Mass Production

Whether it be rapid prototyping or mass production, 3D printing reduces the time it takes to get products to market. With the Carbon platform, we’ve taken the best elements of additive manufacturing and built them into an ecosystem that simplifies the production line.

With cutting-edge hardware, software, processes, and composites, industry leaders from across the globe trust Carbon with their 3D printing needs.

Handle Your 3D Printing For Mass Production With Carbon

With Carbon, you can rapidly design, develop, and scale production for better products in less time. Contact Us to discuss streamlining your business with 3D printing for mass production.

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