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12/6/2018 In The News

Carbon CEO Dr. Joseph DeSimone Receives Prestigious National Academy of Sciences Prize—Carbon

12/3/2018 In The News

Next-Generation CMO Dara Treseder Moves To 3-D Manufacturing Company Carbon—Carbon

12/3/2018 Press Releases

Carbon Welcomes Dara Treseder as Its First Chief Marketing Officer—Carbon

11/12/2018 In The News

3-D Printing Unicorn Carbon, On Way To Expected IPO, Drops Resin Prices In Move CEO Calls ‘Seminal’—Carbon

11/12/2018 Press Releases

Dr. Joseph DeSimone’s Letter to the Manufacturing Community—Carbon

11/12/2018 Press Releases

Carbon Lowers Resin Prices for Production-Scale Applications—Carbon

11/12/2018 Press Releases

Carbon and Core3dcentres® Announce Global Enterprise Partnership—Carbon

11/12/2018 Press Releases

Carbon Welcomes New Production Partners in Europe—Carbon

11/6/2018 In The News

Carbon offers technology at a fast ‘Clip’—Carbon

11/2/2018 Press Releases

Carbon Announces Strategic Updates to Its Board of Directors, Names New Chief Financial Officer—Carbon

10/17/2018 In The News

A Wider Role for 3D printing—Injection World

10/3/2018 Press Releases

Carbon Continues to Expand Its Network of Production Partners, Welcomes Injection Molders and Urethane Casters—Carbon

9/10/2018 Press Releases

Fast Radius and Carbon Partner to Reimagine the Award-Winning Steelcase SILQ Office Chair with Additive Manufacturing—Carbon

9/7/2018 In The News

How Adidas and Carbon are changing the sneaker supply chain—TechCrunch

9/5/2018 Press Releases

Carbon Releases New MPU 100 Material for Medical Applications—Carbon

7/16/2018 In The News

Adidas’ vision for the future: Personalization, fast—CNN

7/2/2018 In The News

3-D printing start-up Carbon seeks to be found everywhere—Chemical & Engineering News

6/14/2018 Press Releases

National Dentex Labs and Carbon Partner to Implement a 3D Manufacturing Solution across NDX Labs in the U.S.—Carbon

5/23/2018 In The News

How Adidas Plans To Bring 3D Printing To The Masses—Forbes

5/16/2018 In The News

How 3D Printing is Disrupting Business Models Today | Industry in 3D—GE Additive

5/2/2018 Press Releases

Carbon Adds to Its Broad Lineup of Production-Ready Materials—Carbon

4/19/2018 Press Releases

Carbon Welcomes Libby Wolfensperger as Vice President of People—Carbon

4/17/2018 In The News

Sophia Amoruso, Carbon’s Dr. Joseph DeSimone, and Adidas’ Eric Liedtke to crash Disrupt SF—TechCrunch

4/9/2018 In The News

3D Printing Business: Inside Carbon—

3/13/2018 In The News

Carbon Readiness for the FDA Guidance on Additive Manufacturing—LinkedIn

3/7/2018 Press Releases

Vitamix “Rethinks Possible” with Carbon’s Complete 3D Manufacturing Solution—Carbon

3/6/2018 In The News

Analyse and optimise – A closer look at Carbon’s 3D printing software—TCT Magazine

2/15/2018 Press Releases

Carbon Sinks Its Teeth Further in the Dental Market with New Partnerships and Materials—Carbon

2/7/2018 Press Releases

Carbon Appoints Elisa de Martel as Vice President of Finance and Meg Nibbi as Vice President, Legal Counsel—Carbon

1/18/2018 Press Releases

adidas Executive Board Member – Global Brands Eric Liedtke Joins Carbon’s Board of Directors—Carbon

1/9/2018 Press Releases

Carbon Announces JJDC as Additional Investor in $200 Million Funding Round—Carbon

1/8/2018 Press Releases

Incase and Carbon Join Forces to Revolutionize the Future of Device Protection—Carbon

1/2/2018 In The News

TechCrunch’s Favorite Things of 2017—TechCrunch

12/28/2017 In The News

The Five Most Amazing Things That Were 3-D-Printed This Year—MIT Technology Review

12/20/2017 Press Releases

Carbon Announces $200 Million in Funding to Accelerate A New World of Global Digital 3D Manufacturing—Carbon

12/15/2017 In The News

Rethinking digital manufacturing with polymers—Science Magazine

11/29/2017 Press Releases

Carbon Powers Next-Gen 3D Printing Software with Cloud-based Computation—Carbon

11/9/2017 Press Releases

An Industry First: Carbon Introduces New 3D Printing Silicone And Biocompatibility of Six Other Materials—Carbon

10/24/2017 In The News

Is Mass Customization the Future of Footwear?—The Wall Street Journal

9/26/2017 Press Releases

Carbon Introduces Production-Scale 3D Printing Materials Program for Large Manufacturers—Carbon

7/5/2017 In The News

TOMAR Electronics Solves Vexing Problem with Carbon 3D Printing—Digital Engineering

6/29/2017 In The News

Additive manufacturing 3D printers start to build factories of the future—The Economist

6/28/2017 In The News

50 Smartest Companies 2017—MIT Technology Review

6/27/2017 In The News

Carbon Prints Amazing Materials.—MIT Technology Review

5/14/2017 In The News

Your Shoes Will Be Printed Shortly—The Wall Street Journal

4/28/2017 In The News

From prototyping to finished products—PwC

4/7/2017 Press Releases

adidas Unveils Industry’s First Application Of Digital Light Synthesis with Futurecraft 4D—Carbon

4/7/2017 In The News

See how 3-D printing is transforming the future of footwear—The Today Show

3/16/2017 In The News

Carbon M1, The World’s Fastest 3D Printer, Just Got a Bit Bigger—Digital Trends

3/16/2017 Press Releases

Carbon SpeedCell™: Additive Manufacturing Reinvented—Carbon

9/15/2016 Press Releases

Carbon Announces New Funding from Global Strategic Investors and International Expansion to Europe, Japan and Other Asian Markets—Carbon

8/22/2016 Press Releases

Paul DiLaura Joins Carbon As VP of Sales—Carbon

8/16/2016 Press Releases

Carbon Builds Customer Portfolio With Two Leading Service Bureau Partners – Further Expanding Access to CLIP Technology—Carbon

4/26/2016 Press Releases

Former DuPont Chair and CEO, Ellen J. Kullman, Joins Carbon Board of Directors—Carbon

4/9/2016 In The News

Why Carbon’s M1 3D Printer Subscription-Pricing Model Is a Brilliant Move—The Motley Fool

4/2/2016 In The News

Companies Can Finally Get Their Hands on Carbon’s 3-D Printer — For $40,000 a Year—Re/code

4/1/2016 Press Releases

Carbon unveils the M1– first commercial CLIP-based additive manufacturing machine—Carbon

3/17/2016 Press Releases

Legendary Silicon Valley Deal Maker, Josh Green, Joins Carbon As General Counsel—Carbon

3/11/2016 Press Releases

KODAK and Carbon Announce Joint Development Agreement—Carbon

3/1/2016 Press Releases

Carbon Announces Four New Service Bureau Customers – Expanding Access to CLIP Technology—Carbon

1/15/2016 In The News

Johnson & Johnson Taps Carbon 3D for Medical 3D Printing—3D Printing Industry

11/4/2015 In The News

How Carbon3D Plans To Transform The Way We Make Stuff—Forbes

8/20/2015 Press Releases

Carbon3D Closes $100 Million Series C Investment Led by Google Ventures—Carbon

8/20/2015 In The News

With $100M In Funding, Carbon3D Will Make 3D Manufacturing A Reality—TechCrunch

8/20/2015 In The News

Carbon3D Raises $100 Million to Make 3-D Printing Speedy—The Wall Street Journal

8/5/2015 Press Releases

Carbon3D Named Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum—Carbon

6/23/2015 Press Releases

Ford Taps Carbon3D’s CLIP Technology—Carbon

6/23/2015 In The News

Why Ford is partnering with a hot 3D printing startup—Fortune

6/1/2015 Press Releases

Former Ford CEO, Alan Mulally, Joins Carbon3D Board Of Directors—Carbon

4/9/2015 Press Releases

Autodesk Backs Carbon3D with $10 Million from Spark Investment Fund—Carbon

4/9/2015 In The News

3D printing pioneer Carbon3D secures Autodesk investment—Financial Times

4/9/2015 In The News

Autodesk’s 3D printing fund puts $10M in Carbon3D, maker of faster 3D printing tech—VentureBeat

3/23/2015 In The News

3D Printer Pulls Eiffel Tower Out of Liquid Goo—PSFK

3/20/2015 In The News

Swiftly Structured. Accelerated 3D printing crafts objects from a liquid pool—Science Magazine

3/20/2015 In The News

Faster 3D Printing (Jump to 8:18)—BBC

3/19/2015 In The News

Chemistry Is Key To 3-D Printer’s Record-Setting Speed—C&EN

3/19/2015 In The News

Scientists create Terminator 2-inspired 3D printer—The Guardian

3/18/2015 In The News

New 3D Printer Grows Parts from Liquid. It’s like the T-1000 in Terminator—

3/18/2015 In The News

The T-1000 Of 3-D Printers Is Here—Fast Company

3/18/2015 In The News

Mesmerizing 3-D Printer Forms Objects Out of Ooze—And Fast—Wired

3/18/2015 In The News

Company Unveils Radical, Layerless 3D Printing Technology “25 to 100 Times Faster” Than Standard 3D Printing—Core77

3/17/2015 In The News

TED 2015: Terminator-inspired 3D printer ‘grows’ objects—BBC

3/17/2015 In The News

Terminator-style 3D printing grows objects from a pool of liquid—CNET

3/17/2015 In The News

Rising from the ooze. A quicker way to print objects—The Economist

3/17/2015 In The News

Carbon3D’s 3D printing technology highlights risk to HP strategy—ZDNet

3/16/2015 Press Releases

Carbon3D introduces CLIP, breakthrough technology for layerless 3D printing—Carbon

3/16/2015 In The News

This mind-blowing new 3-D printing technique is inspired by ‘Terminator 2​’—The Washington Post

3/16/2015 In The News

Startup Says New 3-D Printing Technique Could Shift Use From Prototype to Production—Re/code

3/16/2015 In The News

High-Speed 3-D Printing A startup’s version of 3-D printing is faster and cheaper (and makes better objects).—MIT Technology Review

3/16/2015 In The News

Incredible New 3D Printing Technique Looks Like Sci-Fi; You’ve never seen a 3D printer like this—Popular Mechanics