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Making Visionary Partnerships

Jerry and Daniel partnered together to design & deliver a production run of connector caps that met stringent material requirements in record time.

Fast and Reliable Production for Unmatched Performance

”We were doing four to six iterations a day in the intended product material and the production process— something you can’t do with any other means.”

Jerry Rhinehart Manager, Additive Manufacturing Development, APTIV

See how Aptiv and Fast Radius were able to reduce cycle time for the trailer tow-connector cap by fifty percent.

Get Started with the DLS™ Design Quick Guide

The one-stop-shop for everything you need to know to start producing better products with Carbon DLS™.

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Aptive connector cap

Reduced Expenses, Faster Time to Market

Traditional manufacturing methods have long been the go-to option for critical part production. But Jerry’s decision to leverage additive technology to meet Ford’s requirements opened the door to innovative production solutions in the automotive space. Together, with Daniel at Fast Radius and Carbon DLS™ technology, they unlocked the benefits of digital manufacturing — reduced tooling expenses, quicker time to market, and a long-term, streamlined solution to producing Ford’s trailer-tow connector cap with additive manufacturing.

What the Experts are Saying

In this episode, Carbon explores how 3D printing adds value in the design cycle through accelerated product development, functional prototyping, and predictable, consistent production.

Structuring Teams To Deliver 3D Printed Parts At Scale

Jerry and Daniel joined a live webchat with Carbon to discuss how high-performance components can be shifted from conventional to additive production. Access this webinar to learn how additive lab managers, like Jerry, can lead that shift by pioneering the process in-house and working with outside partners to go into bridge production.

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How Does Carbon DLS™ Technology Work?

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