Highly temperature resistant and stiff

With a 231°C heat deflection temperature, strength, and stiffness, CE 221 is perfect for applications that need long term thermal stability, like under-the-hood components, electronics assemblies, and industrial products.

CE is comparable to glass-filled nylon.

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Mechanical Properties

CE behaves similarly to 14% glass-filled Nylon 6. It has excellent thermal stability and chemical resistance. CE withstands over 92 MPa of stress before breaking.

Ultimate Tensile Strength

92 ± 13 MPa

Elongation At Break

3.3 ± 0.8%

Young's Modulus

3870 ± 140 MPa

Heat Deflection Temperature


Material qualifications

Our materials are breaking new ground in additive manufacturing. Carbon DLS™ technology enables 3D printing with novel classes of polymers, including complex chemistries such as polyurethane and cyanate ester-based resins. The result is a diverse and growing selection of materials reflecting common engineering requirements. The data speaks for itself — our materials make us different.

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CE 221 technical data sheet

CE 220 basic biocompatibility results