Carbon, Inc.

CE 221

High temperature resistance, stiff, and proven chemical resistance

Excellent strength, stiffness, and temperature resistance

With excellent heat deflection temperature, strength, and stiffness, CE 221 is perfect for applications that need long term thermal stability, especially for fluid routing. CE 221 is comparable to glass-filled nylon.

85 MPa

12 ksi

Ultimate Tensile Strength

3900 MPa

570 ksi

Tensile Modulus

3 %

Elongation At Break

15 J/m

0.3 ft-lb/in

Impact Strength (Notched)

230 °C

450 °F

Heat Deflection Temperature

CE221 Stress and Strain Graph


Carbon has performed biocompatibility testing with documentation to support the material passing ISO 10993-5 for cytotoxicity.

UV Aging Resistant

CE 221 exhibits very low natural polymer aging in the presence of UV over hundreds of hours.

Chemical Resistance

CE 221 exhibits very low mass gain with most household chemicals, industrial fluids, and strong acid, alcohols, and bases.

Example Applications

These applications combine a need for strength, stiffness, and high temperature resistance, in addition to isotropy, great surface finish, and accuracy.

3D Printed Parts in Production

NASA Seeker Robot Thruster Nozzle

NASA Seeker Robot Thruster Nozzle

A cold-gas thruster for NASA’s robotic free flier inspector, made with CE 221.

NASA Seeker Robot x The Technology House, Powered By Carbon

Cooling Module

Ebullient Cooling Module

A waterless, direct-to-chip cooling module, made with CE 221

Ebullient changes the game with revolutionary “waterless” liquid cooling technology