Rethink Foam

Rethink Foam

The Carbon DLS process enables the production of lattice geometries with functional elastomeric materials, opening up a wide range of product possibilities.

Develop Game Changing Products

Work with Carbon & our Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) high-speed 3D printing technology to replace your premium foam components with digitally enhanced 3D printed components.

DLS prints highly tailored parts in our proprietary materials by utilizing our Design Engine Pro lattice generation software to create a number of different “zones” of the part which are individually designed for a specific compression profile and aesthetic, resulting in various aspects of product differentiation such as improved airflow, protection, and comfortability. This combination of technologies enables DLS to produce parts that are superior to any other traditional or digital foam. Below find case studies that highlight the success, triumphs, and awards our customers have received by introducing DLS into their products.

Specialized bike saddles

Premium Comfort Saddles

Riddell helmet

Next Generation Helmets

adidas sole animation

Customized Insoles


Premier Backpacks

adidas 4DFWD sneaker

Award Winning Footwear

Rawlings baseball glove

Ultra Protective Gloves

Replace Foam with Superior Performance 3DP

Creating your Ideal Compression Performance

When compared to leading competitive foams, Carbon’s lattice elastomeric samples produce results that:

  • Transmit less stress
  • At a reduced weight
  • With significant performance advantages
  • And scalable part economics

Why Choose DLS?

Premium Materials.svg

Premium Materials

Scaled Digital Manufacturing.svg

Scaled Digital Manufacturing

Complex Design Freedom.svg

Complex Design Freedom

Production Economics.svg

Production Economics

Work with Carbon, Inc. on your Next Generation Product

At Carbon we know the difficulty of properly leveraging a new technology like 3D printing to create serial production products. We’ve internally developed ourselves to help guide OEMs and Contract Manufacturers through the process of pre-production to scale with DLS. When working on DLS components for your products expect to engage with our representatives in the product development process below.

Step by step process to market

Significant Time to Market Improvements are Expected

Learn More about the Carbon, Inc. Platform & Production with DLS

Carbon Design Engine empowers designers to make precisely tuned, high-performance products. Go from idea to a functional latticed part in hours and save time by eliminating tedious, rote work like editing of struts or structures post-generate.

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Carbon, Inc. Platform of Technologies

Carbon M2, L1, and Smart Part Washer


  • High Speed Printing
  • Fine Feature Resolution
  • Repeatability
  • Tolerance Maintenance
Carbon Design Engine


  • Quick Iterations
  • Cloud Connected
  • Seamless User Interface
  • Next Gen Design Capabilities
Assorted bottles of resin


  • Robust Elastomeric Portfolio
  • Premium Performance
  • Proprietary Material Chemistry
  • Most Applicable Materials in 3DP for Industry

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