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Carbon’s production solutions meet the challenges of today’s dental labs. With its groundbreaking DLS technology, Carbon enables dental labs to produce accurate dental appliances at high-volume.

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  • Scan
    Capture relevant data using an intraoral or desktop scanner. Ensure the capture covers enough of the intraoral space to produce the desired restoration or model.
  • Design
    Using commercially-available dental CAD software, design an appropriate model or restoration and export it as an .STL file.
  • Print
    Through the Carbon user interface (UI), nest and support the object and select the appropriate printing resolution. Load the printer with the specified type and amount of resin, and press Start.
  • Post-processing
    After printing, remove the parts from the build platform and clean them according to the resin manufacturer’s instructions. Once parts are cleaned, supports can be removed before or after the final cure.

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Major orthodontics laboratory trusts Carbon’s dental solution for thermoforming applications

One of the largest family-owned orthodontics labs in the U.S., New England Orthodontic Laboratory (NEO Lab) recently selected Carbon’s dental solution to produce a variety of 3D-printed orthodontics dental parts. Read more to find out why Christian Saurman, Vice President of NEO Lab, decided to subscribe to Carbon’s complete 3D Manufacturing dental solution, and why the lab trusts Carbon’s subscription-based partnership model.

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Additive Manufacturing of Dental Devices: A Primer on Regulatory Affairs

Carbon’s journey in digital dentistry began in 2017 with the release of DPR 10, a stone-colored material for rapid and accurate printing of dental models, with properties suitable for thermoforming models. The growth of Carbon’s user base in dental and orthodontic laboratories has been nothing short of phenomenal, but with that growth has come an awareness of the complexity of the regulatory landscape for dental materials, and for our customers’ readiness to meet those requirements.

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Ziemek dental identifies impressive ROI with Carbon

Ziemek Laboratories is a dental laboratory (lab) headquartered in Olympia, Washington. Founded in 1990 by Bob Ziemek, the lab specializes in crowns, implants, removable products, and all aspects of digital dentistry. In this case study, we will describe what factors went into this decision making process, present a return on investment (ROI) framework, and establish why the Ziemek Laboratories leadership team believed in Carbon’s dental solution.

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Carbon technology brings new capabilities to dental model creation

At Carbon, customers come first and we thrive on solving tough problems. After speaking with more than 40 dental and orthodontic labs, we synthesized the top-3 challenges labs have with existing 3D printing solutions in the market and explain how Digital Light Synthesis technology is a solution to these challenges.

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