Consumer Products

Carbon makes stunning consumer products possible with the design freedom, exceptional part quality, and innovation speed offered by DLS™. Carbon empowers innovators to redefine comfort, performance, safety, and aesthetics for every product category.

Design Impact

Carbon makes it possible to design and build the perfect part.

  • Impossible geometries
    Carbon tools let product teams find perfect shapes for exceptional performance.
  • Better, richer iterations
    Thanks to the speed of DLS, product teams can explore more possibilities. Each iteration provides richer feedback because every printed prototype is identical to the production part.

Carbon lattice innovation — the adidas story

Digital Light Synthesis is a breakthrough additive manufacturing technology pioneered by Carbon that uses digital light projection, oxygen permeable optics, and Carbon’s programmable liquid resins. Carbon is changing the way high-performance, durable, final polymeric components, and products are being created. Not only does our technology allow for the production of end-use parts, but it also delivers unmatched speed, up to 100 times faster than other additive manufacturing processes.

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NXT Outdoors™ Redefines the Product Design Cycle with Carbon

When iterating a design that calls for plastic components, changing an injection mold requires significant capital and lead time that can slows innovation. NXT Outdoors™ has overcome this challenge for their DrawLite™ product, a draw-activated sight light. Read this case study to learn how they successfully accelerated the design and production cycles of their product.

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Vitamix produces 10x more durable parts at-scale with Carbon

Vitamix is a global leader in high-performance blending equipment for home and commercial use. With nearly 100 years of product design and development history, Vitamix has been at the epicenter of the healthy lifestyle movement, enabled by its innovative blender products known for their performance, versatility, and ease of use. Recently, Vitamix partnered with The Technology House (TTH) and Carbon to redesign a specialized nozzle used in commercial settings.

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