Make the Widest Range of Real, Functional Parts

Across industries and applications, the Carbon DLS process enables you to prototype and produce a wide range of functional, high performance products on the same machine.

On-demand production of electrical connectors, caps, and cabin features that meet stringent engineering requirements

High-value products that deliver performance, protection, and standout aesthetics

The new standard of care for dentures, splints, trays, thermoforming models, surgical guides, and cast metal crowns

The ultimate digital manufacturing platform for everything from jigs and fixtures to high-performance industrial components

Cutting-edge medical devices produced with a full suite of rigid and flexible biocompatible materials

Best-in-Class Materials

Carbon dual cure resins and Carbon DLS™ process lock in material properties that cannot be achieved by any other 3D printing system.

The Widest Range of Materials

More than 19 different resins, including our proprietary dual cure resins and third party resins, meet the needs of a broad range of applications.

Make Real, Functional Parts

The Carbon DLS™ process allows you to make functional prototypes and produce end-use parts with isotropic mechanical properties, high resolution, and excellent surface finish.

Develop Better Products in Less Time

Make prototypes quickly with end-use part performance that enables you to learn more from each design iteration and accelerate product development.

High-Mix Parts with Unmoldable Geometries

Design the parts you need, without the constraints of molding. Without tooling costs, low volume and high-mix product lines become practical.

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