Carbon DLS™ Face Shield FAQ

What does the face shield look like?
Here’s what the assembled face shield looks like:

A hand holding a 3d printed face shield
The 3d printed face shield resting on it's head bracket
What materials is the face shield made of?
The face shield has three components — a transparent film, head bracket, and head strap.

    • The transparent film is created using a 7 gauge clear polyester (PET) or similar plastic film.
    • The head bracket is 3D-printed using select Carbon materials: DPR 10 or UMA 90.
    • The head strap is created using rubber or elastic bands.
Where can I request the face shield?
You can request a face shield by visiting Carbon’s COVID-19 page and submitting the request form in the “3D Printed Face Shield” section. If you know of any hospitals or care groups that are in need of face shields, you can submit this form on their behalf.
How do I clean the face shield?
Face shields delivered to facilities should be considered non-sterile. Both the shield and head bracket should be disinfected before and after use. We advise disinfecting with a chemical disinfectant known to be effective against COVID-19 like Isopropanol (70%). If wiping techniques are not possible, the head band can also be soaked in bleach and soap-water and subsequently wiped prior to use.
Is the face shield disposable?
Yes, the face shield is designed to be disposable. We recommend treating used face shields as a biohazard and disposing of them using standard procedures.
I’m an additive manufacturer. How can I help?
We’ve provided public access to the design and production instructions for the face shields on Carbon’s COVID-19 page under “3D Printed Face Shield”.