Welcome to the Software Space!

July 17, 2018

Carbon is reimagining manufacturing across a wide range of industries, working with world-class companies such as BMW and Johnson & Johnson. adidas is our flagship partner for sports footwear: together we just launched a lattice-based running shoe, our first step toward a vision of mass-customized, performance-tuned footwear. And this is not just a proof of concept. We’ll be making more than 100,000 shoes in 2018, on to millions in the years ahead.

We just raised a $200 million round to help truly change the manufacturing landscape, reflecting continued support from some of the world’s best investors, including Sequoia Capital, Google Ventures, and corporate partners such as Nikon and GE.

Carbon offers a unique opportunity for a software developer: a chance to work closely with some of the best engineers in Silicon Valley on groundbreaking technologies that are literally reshaping our physical world. Working at Carbon also means collaboration with experts across a range of scientific and technical fields – not only mechanical, electrical, optical, and controls engineers, but chemists and material scientists as well. And that’s not to mention friendly dogs, hackathons, daily catered lunches, and a huge selection of healthy (and unhealthy) snacks.

Software has played a big part in Carbon’s progress so far and will be even more critical to our future success. We’re excited to share more about what we’re working on, so please take a look around here at software.carbon3d.com!