UNYQ x IKEA UPPKOPPLA Gaming Collection, Built On the Carbon Platform

June 4, 2019

UNYQ, a leader in the field of design, 3D printing and photogrammetry, is accelerating their product innovation with new, personalized products for the global gaming community in collaboration with Swedish furniture giant IKEA. This series of products, known as the UPPKOPPLA (“online”) gaming collection, uses the world’s leading digital manufacturing platform from Carbon. Unveiled at IKEA’s annual Democratic Design Day (“DDD”) today, learn how UNYQ leveraged the Carbon Digital Manufacturing Platform to break free of the constraints of traditional polymer manufacturing to make real products that offer ergonomic benefits to change gaming experiences and the surrounding life at home.

UNYQ IKEA Carbon Logos


The global gaming community, estimated at 2.2 billion gamers playing a total of 14 billion gaming hours per week, spend a large portion of their time online, sitting for many hours at a time which can lead to intense physical strain on the body. In addition, there are few personalized products on the market that are focused on improving gamers’ experiences, whether that be through comfort, organization, or ergonomics. Using the expertise from education e-sport company Area Academy, UNYQ and IKEA identified these problems as an opportunity to change gaming experiences by creating a gaming-focused line that can be incorporated into your surrounding life at home. They then turned to Carbon’s Digital Manufacturing Platform to create it.


''Carbon’s generative design and additive manufacturing process simplifies and shortens value and supply chains, making it easily-replicable across different products, more affordable and allowing individuals to partake in the design process...We have the ability to address the unique needs of these individuals and, in turn, personalize, protect and improve their game.''

Eythor Bender

Co-Founder and CEO, UNYQ


The gaming-focused UPPKOPPLA line includes three products, made custom to each customer:


A biometric wrist support maintains the correct height of the gamer’s wrist to the keyboard, reducing strain on their tendons (Figure 1).

UNYQ x IKEA Figure 1
Figure 1: Biometric wrist support.



Soft pliable, vented keycaps make the keyboard feel like a physical extension of a gamers’ fingers (Figure 2).

UNYQ x IKEA Figure 2 Keys
Figure 2: Vented keycaps.



A portable mouse “bungee” clamps the users’ mouse cable in place, preventing tangling and enabling full freedom of movement (Figure 3).

UNYQ x IKEA Figure 3
Figure 3: Portable Mouse “Bungee.”


UNYQ and IKEA see the opportunity to leverage this concept, made possible by Carbon’s technology, beyond the gaming community and across a wide range of sectors to groups with varying interests, unique preferences and specific needs. Scaling the personalized production of ergonomic products globally could change the nature of not only gaming, but of interior design in the home and the workplace by increasing comfort and productivity through products truly tailored to the individual.


''UNYQ has developed a method of creating solutions that fit everyone’s unique needs and tastes, letting customers take design into their own hands…Carbon’s Digital Manufacturing Platform helps minimize waste as production is directly aligned with demand and there is no inventory. We are really looking forward to see where this new way of working will take us.''

Michael Nikolic

Creative Leader, IKEA


The new UPPKOPPLA collection will be available to order globally through UNYQ’s smartphone app in 2020. The smartphone app will use UNYQ’s market leading photogrammetry through the phone’s camera to create personalized and customized versions of the gaming accessories, which are then delivered directly to their home within weeks.


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