Executive Chairman & Co-Founder

Joseph M. DeSimone, PhD

Joe co-founded Carbon in 2013. Under his direction, Carbon is marrying the intricacies of molecular science with hardware and software technologies to advance the 3D printing industry beyond basic prototyping to 3D manufacturing. Throughout his career, Joe has published over 350 scientific articles and has nearly 200 issued patents in his name-with more than an additional 200 patents pending. —Keep reading

Chief Customer Officer & Co-founder

Philip DeSimone

Phil was a part of the founding team at Carbon in 2013 and currently serves as company's first Chief Customer Officer. In his role, Phil is responsible for customer success, retention and acquisition as well as managing Carbon’s most strategic relationships and customers. Previously, Phil co-founded and was the VP of Business Development at Buystand, an ecommerce company. Phil received his BA in business and econometrics from Ursinus College.

Advisor & Co-founder

Ed Samulski, PhD

Ed went to college intending to be an architect. Fortunately, the terms of his scholarship forced him to major in chemistry. He went on to get his Ph.D. in chemistry from Princeton University, where he wrote the first dissertation in the field of polymer liquid crystals. —Keep reading

Chief Innovation Officer and Co-Founder

Alex Ermoshkin, PhD

Alex, and his 16-year-old son Nikita, designed and built the first prototype of the CLIP machine, demonstrating a technology that printed at speeds previously unimaginable. —Keep reading

Steve Nelson he

Launch CEO & Co-Founder

Steve Nelson

Steve served as Carbon’s launch CEO. After raising the original Series A funding from Sequoia Capital, he became the initial Chairman of the company. —Keep reading

Nikita Headshot in white background


Nikita Ermoshkin

Nikita was instrumental in shaping the system architecture of Carbon’s printers in the company’s early stages, contributing to the mechanical and electrical designs. —Keep reading