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“The age of digital 3D Manufacturing is here, and Carbon is fundamentally changing how the world designs, engineers, makes, and delivers products. Since its inception, Carbon has continuously pushed the boundaries and transformed industries; we’re creating new classes of products, workers, and business models, where product design and engineering are facilitated by cloud-based computing and a wide range of technologies and materials that enable the creation of perfectly tuned–even personalized–products that, until now, were impossible to produce.”

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Joseph DeSimone, CEO & Co-Founder

Big ideas start small

Founded in 2013, Carbon pioneered a revolutionary alternative to 3D printing, fusing light and oxygen to rapidly produce products from a pool of liquid resin.

We learn the most from those we have the least in common with. At Carbon, we are structuring teams to drive innovation, and fostering the convergence of diverse concepts from many fields to solve challenging problems.


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Official launch

In March 2015, Carbon emerged from stealth, and Dr. Joseph DeSimone introduced Carbon’s DLS technology to the world at TED.

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Science Magazine

The technology was introduced to the scientific community as the cover story in the journal Science.

The invention of DLS

Digital Light Synthesis™ (DLS), enabled by CLIP technology, carefully balances the interaction of UV light, which triggers a photo polymerization reaction to solidify the resin, and oxygen, which inhibits the solidification and prevents adhesion. This enables the quick growth of objects from a pool of liquid resin, using a software-controlled chemical reaction. The resulting parts have great surface quality, uniform properties in all directions, and can be printed from materials with properties best suited to the parts’ use.


With the introduction of connected 3D Manufacturing unit operations and processes, Carbon’s software creates a digital canvas on which every aspect of a part can be designed, controlled, and optimized before it’s printed. The software, built from the ground up, enables fast printing, easy post-processing, and part traceability.

Engineered to inspire

Designed by a world-class Silicon Valley team–hailing from innovative tech leaders like Apple, Google, and Tesla–Carbon’s software-first product vision combines innovation in hardware, software, and material science.

A material world

Achieving the widest range of properties in additive manufacturing, our materials uniquely combine high resolution, exceptional surface quality, and mechanical properties tuned for production.

The SpeedCell™ is a system of securely connected products for additive manufacturing solutions at scale. It is an end-to-end 3D manufacturing solution comprised of hardware, software, materials, service, and support that integrates product design and engineering with multiple key unit operations.

adidas Futurecraft

With the Futurecraft 4D shoe, Carbon delivered on the promise of 3D Manufacturing. The adidas and Carbon partnership, built on a commitment to continuously push boundaries and innovate across the production process, transforms how high-performance footwear is designed, engineered, made, and delivered.